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Packing rings ensure gas sealing along the piston rod, avoiding gas leakage from the cylinder to the crankcase. Contech S.r.l. can supply the most common type of packing rings in a wide range of materials, and also high performance special rings for the most demanding applications, such as the production of LDPE – Low Density PolyEthylene, where operating pressure vary between 1200 and 3500+ bar.

For these kind of severe applications on Hyper-Compressors, where usually the traditional sealing set ups with piston rings and rider bands are replaced by special piston-rods and special packing cases, we supply specially designed packing rings, manufactured in high performing, low frictional bronzes.

STANDARD DESIGN: Pressure Breaker Rings, Radial/Tangential Pairs, Tangential/Tangential Pairs, Rod Tangential Cut/Backup pairs, Radial/Tangential/Backup Set, Radial/Tangential/Axially Loaded Ring Set.

SPECIAL HIGH PRESSURE PACKING RINGS: Pressure Breaker Rings, Radial/Tangential Pairs, Radial/Tangential/Backup set, Guide Bushings.

Achieve Optimum Performance

Oil scraper rings are specially designed to scrape oil in excess from the rod and to evacuate it through the draining channels, delimiting the areas interested by the lubrication and separating them from the pumping areas (cylinders). These elements prevent oil leakages and are very important to both optimize the oil consumption of the machine (thus the maintainance and running costs) and, in some specific applications for safety and/or environmental reasons, where the contact between lubricant and processed gas must be avoided.
Materials are usually metallic-based bronze, aluminium, cast iron, white metal (Babbitt) – with the possibility to specify hybrid set-up designs, as well as plastic special materials for particular applications.

Gas Sealing, Always Guaranteed

Traditional packing rings are designed to ensure the correct gas sealing mainly when the compressor is running, but their sealing efficacy rapidly decreases when the machine is stopped, allowing gas leakage along the piston rod.

Static rod seals solutions in our product range are designed to guarantee gas sealing along the rod when the compressor is not in operation, they are specified when processing toxic and highly expensive gases, and as a general rule, for all the applications where it is mandatory to eliminate gas leakage, as requested by  plants’ and environmental guidelines.

Right Design & Right Material for Better Performance & Longer Lifetime

Packing cases are composed by metallic cups containing the rod sealing rings. The design and the accuracy in manufacturing the packing cases are paramount to achieve the optimum performance of the sealing elements in terms of reliability, efficiency and lifetime. Contech S.r.l. designs and supplies standard and fully customized complete packing cases, that include:
  • Single or Multi Lubrication Points
  • Gas Recovery Points
  • Inert Gas Buffer
  • Internal Cooling
  • Arrangement for Instrumental
  • Monitoring

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