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Seal It All, Use It All

Piston rings, installed in grooves machined on the piston, will ensure the correct gas sealing between the piston and the cylinder/liner, maximizing the performance of the machine.
These components can be manufactured in one or more pieces, in different materials – with standard or special design – and can be also configured as multi-elemental multimaterial sealing solution.

Choosing the correct combination will allow the achievement of long durations of the sealing elements, which can in turn lead to significant savings on energy and maintenance costs. Dimensions: 25mm to 1250 mm.

STANDARD DESIGN: Piston Rings straight cut, Piston Rings angle cut, Piston rings step cut, Balanced piston rings.

SPECIAL DESIGNS, MULTI-ELEMENTAL & MULTI-MATERIAL SOLUTIONS: Piston rings with seal joint cut, Piston rings with 2 combined rings, Piston rings-solid rider band coupling, Piston rings with expander springs.

The Best Piston Support

Rider bands guide and support the piston during its reciprocating motion inside the cylinder, avoiding any possible contact between the metallic surfaces.

We can supply rider bands in a wide variety of designs and dimensions: from the simple solid rings, up to the most complex Angle Cut + External V-Grooves. Dimensions: 25mm to 1250mm.

DESIGN: Solid rider bands, Angle cut + External V-Grooves Rider Bands, Custom Design

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